Medical Debt Collections for Podiatry

Whether you are running behind on regular collections or facing an evasive patient response, managing the revenue of your podiatry clinic can become quite challenging at times. Now, revenue in podiatric medicine is critical and helps to increase the ability of podiatric medicine operations to continue in the right manner. 

But while practitioners may focus on ankle surgery or other forms of podiatric medicine, they may not have the time to follow up with patients effectively. But that is where a firm like HMS Collections comes into the picture.

We specialize in performing timely and effective debt collection for podiatrists and related practices. 

Regardless of whether you are trying to collect recent bills or striving to fulfill older invoices, our experts can assist you with overcoming the obstacles and achieving your goals. 

We also charge a flat rate for recovered accounts, which means that you only have to pay for effective results. 

This saves you from taking on more financial burden while also reaping the rewards of targeted recovery services. With a combination of our contact, communication, and resolution skills, we can easily maximize the collections for podiatry clinics and practices of all sizes. To see how our solutions can help your operations, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today.

Debt Collection for Podiatrists in St. Louis, MO

Regardless of the size of your podiatry practice, it is crucial to make sure that your collections are up to date at all times. Otherwise, you may face roadblocks in revenue generation that are enough to bring down your whole operation. But ensuring that your podiatric medicine patients are paying their bills on time is easier said than done. You can face a wide variety of problems when dealing with ankle surgery patients. A few of these problems that you may have to deal with regarding ankle surgery patients are present below.

  • While many patients fulfill their medical invoices without a hitch, others may take too long to resolve issues with their insurance. 
  • Some don’t have the means to pay the full bill at once, while others jump into disputes with their insurance or your services. 
  • Various other factors may also come to play when it comes to podiatric surgery as well. 
  • Foot and ankle surgeons know that it is necessary to collect but do not have the time or the resources to address these matters.

When you are managing a podiatry practice, paying attention to these factors can become hectic. This not only compromises your revenue generation but also affects the quality of your services. HMS Collections’ debt collection for podiatrists takes this burden off your shoulders with the utmost ease.

We will:

  • Register your outstanding debt
  • Analyze the reasons behind overdue invoices. 
  • Maintain contact with debtors or patients with unpaid bills.
  •  We also reach beneficial resolutions that fulfill your payments. 
  • We also abide by ethical collection approaches and respectful negotiation techniques during our activities. 

These aspects ensure that your debtors maintain their dignity and your practice retains its credibility. At the same time, our team achieves a higher success rate with our usage of analytical solutions and communication tools. This ensures that we can cater to crucial collections for podiatry clinics and practices across St. Louis, MO. To see how our solutions can recover your outstanding revenue, reach out to us at (636) 538-5119 for a free consultation.


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We Use Effective Strategies for Medical Bills Collection

Through HMS Collections’ unwavering commitment to ethical collections, you can rest assured that your podiatry practice’s reputation remains pristine during the recovery process. With our use of strategic tools and careful practices, you can also ensure that we achieve an optimal rate of success nonetheless.

Accounts Analysis

We perform a detailed accounts assessment to determine individual reasons for non-payment while also identifying the general lapses in your collections. This helps you resolve loopholes in your recovery process.

Debt Negotiation

We also offer debt negotiation or payment plans for patients who cannot make full payments for genuine reasons. This provides you with a way to recover your invoices and lower your losses in certain situations. 

Credit Report Update

During our collections for podiatry clinics and practices, we also send the latest updates to all three major credit reporting agencies in the U.S. This helps you with record keeping and also serves as a motivator for patients to make their payments. 

This ensures that once you delegate your collections to our team of collections specialists, you don’t have to worry about locating untraceable contacts or devising affordable payment plans. We take care of all of these pressure points for you to collect your payments. 

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At HMS Collections, our extensive team holds the capability to handle large amounts of collections at once. This enables us to provide you with the level of focus and quality that your podiatry practice needs for its collections. 

We understand how cumbersome it must be for foot and ankle surgeons to do the work of treating patients and then have to worry about obtaining payment. That is why we are here to help you concerning medical costs as you treat foot and ankle patients. You are an expert on diabetic foot care, ankle care, and general ankle deformities. We appreciate those in the health sciences sector in St. Louis and elsewhere and work to help professionals deal with foot conditions and more.

To see how our debt collection for podiatrists can support your operations, contact us at (636) 538-5119 for a free consultation today. We will be glad to understand your requirements and deploy the right solutions for your needs.


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