Medical Collections Agency in St. Louis

With over 25 years of experience, HMS Collections delivers effective medical collection services, St. Louis, Missouri, practices have come to trust. Through our bonded and insured solutions, you can rest assured of recovering your revenue with a high success rate. 

Holding an unwavering commitment to ethical practices, the HMS Collections team helps your business steer clear of unnecessary risks during collections. At the same time, our seasoned communication, upstanding tracking, and extensive legal know-how translate into a higher chance to recover your accounts receivable. This makes our medical collection services stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

As a BBB Accredited collection agency with an A+ rating, we hold to our stature through every step of the process. Our experts can take care of all critical aspects of collections, from understanding the core reasons behind non-payment scenarios to negotiating favorable payment agreements with struggling debtors. Whether you are ready to benefit from professional collection services or need consultation on recovering pending accounts receivable (AR), our skilled experts are just a call away.

No Collection, No Fee: Medical Collections Services St Louis Practices Rely Upon

At HMS Collections, we take full confidence in our ability to collect pending revenue from various debtors. Whether your patients are refusing to pay out of an alleged dispute or remain financially unable to amass a full settlement, we find effective ways to recover your AR. This cements our reputation for delivering high-quality solutions your practice can rely upon.

This also enables us to offer our No Collection, No Fee policy for our medical collection services. This straightforward approach means exactly what its label suggests: You don't have to make any payments for a specific account if we cannot recover it. 

This policy not only highlights our sheer confidence in the efficacy of our services but also goes a long way towards reducing your costs. It is all the more remarkable when comparing our solutions to any other high-quality collection agency, where such services come at sky-high costs and a plethora of expenses.

When you are already grappling to recover pending revenue, this feature can help your medical practice get back on its feet. With no requirement to make upfront payments, you can rest assured of benefiting from high-quality services without graver financial costs. Our collection agency in St. Louis, MO, ensures to take it to the next level and provide you with a service that goes above and beyond to offer medical debt collection services that matter.

From unpaid debt to past due accounts and other elements related to credit reporting, our goal is to collect payment and ensure that we use our valuable resources and latest technology to obtain a satisfactory outcome for your business.

Who Can Benefit From Our Medical Collection Services?

With St. Louis medical collection services practices are trusted with their business; HMS Collections has established its name in the local healthcare sector. Since we offer highly affordable solutions with straightforward terms, our offerings remain accessible for all types of practices.

As a result, our list of clients comprises practices including but not limited to the following:

  • Specialized Clinics
  • Physician Groups
  • Private Practice 
  • Dental Services
  • Private X-ray/Radiology
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Stand Alone Facilities

Regardless of the depth of your AR or the size of your business, HMS Collections can help you attain your revenue goals with ease. No matter how complex or how simple your requirements might be, we can effectively manage your needs while upholding the integrity of your patients.

Our Medical Debt Collection Agency Offers a Range of Services

The medical collection services offered by HMS Collections stand out due to their ideal balance between transparency and efficacy. Our activities adhere to local laws, collection regulations, and applicable legal restrictions to steer clear of illicit practices. Simultaneously, our solutions utilize ethical tracking, skilled negotiations, and statutory avenues to recover your revenue. 

This makes sure that our solutions safeguard your practice from getting exposed to legal gray areas while also recovering your pending AR. This also holds in the case of difficult debtors who might be evading their payments for no good reason.

Due to this approach, we can deliver medical collection services. St. Louis practices trust with their business and reputation alike. This also allows us to handle all aspects of collections instead of hindering your activities with complex processes.

To ensure that our debt collection agency can fulfill your expectations in St. Louis, MO, we offer a holistic range of services that deal with past due accounts, including but not limited to the following.

Data Analysis

Using our specialized skills and modern tech tools, our collection agency performs a detailed analysis of your AR. This helps us locate patterns of non-payment and enables us to devise strategies for recovering individual accounts. 

Effective Communication

Our collections agency solutions put effective communication front and center, where we reach out to debtors through calls, letters, and emails. While our highly skilled communications team handles each medium to deliver results, we also maintain your patients' integrity and practice.

Skiptracing Helps Businesses

In many instances, debtors may evade their obligations to the point of going off the radar. Our experts use ethical means to locate such parties and present them with various options to make their payments. 

Debt Discussion and Financial Services

In some situations, a detailed discussion by medical collection services is all that debtors require. Our team helps debtors understand the gravity of the situation and the legal obligations they hold against their unpaid bills. 

Our Business Conducts Debt Negotiation

If a debtor is genuinely unable to pay her bills in full, we offer debt negotiations and payment plans with your approval. This helps you recover accounts that are difficult to settle. In turn, you can benefit from medical collection services St Louis practices trust with their AR. From repeated phone calls to set up a payment plan, understanding payment history, and working with the information obtained, we move forward with collecting the debt owed and helping you with your credit matters.

Our goal is to help businesses with their debts and be debt collectors that provide value to each medical practice business that we work within St. Louis.

Legal Avenues in St. Louis, Missouri

If any patients hesitate to make their payments due to insurance issues or a general disagreement with your service, our collection agency explores available legal avenues. This increases the chances of recovering your revenue even in complex situations. We attempt to collect and do our best to find more information, use our knowledge to do the best for our clients, and work on your behalf to obtain the best outcome.

Credit Reporting

We update and report debtor records to all major credit reporting agencies free of cost. This saves your practice from going through these tasks and allows you to focus on maintaining the quality of your business. 

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At HMS Collections, our expansive team is always ready to take on new challenges and help different practices across St Louis, MO. To see how our solutions can assist you with your collection goals, don't hesitate to contact us today.

We will be here to understand your client's needs and deploy the relevant services right away. If you are looking for some who can work with customers who need more time, have insurance disputes, or have those who merely must pay for your services in Missouri, we are happy to take on the responsibility to obtain a positive outcome and collect a debt at a time from your consumers.