Medical Collections Agency in Chesterfield, MO

With swift turnaround, ethical practices, and effective recovery mechanisms, HMS Collections stands tall as one of Missouri's premier medical collections agencies.

Using our 25 years of experience, the HMS Collections team uses targeted recovery strategies to turn around your overdue accounts receivable (AR). With our bonded and insured practice, you can rest assured that your medical business steers clear of enormous risks while transforming your pending accounts into tangible revenue. 

This commitment to ethical yet efficacious recovery measures has established our status as a BBB Accredited medical collections agency in Chesterfield, MO businesses have come to trust. Besides an A+ rating over BBB, our team's specialized expertise and seasoned approach also add to our reliability. 

At HMS Collections, our successful recovery practices enable us to offer a No Collection, No Fee promise with every account. This means that you don't have to pay for our services until a recovery is made on the respective account. Whether you are trying to collect your revenue from aggressive debtors or planning to strike cooperative deals with financially struggling patients, our reliable collections services are just a call away.

Effective Medical Collections Agency Chesterfield MO Business Rely Upon

No matter the size of your medical practice, collections often stand out as a thorny segment of your business. While some clients cannot make their full payments despite wanting to do so, others make up their minds not to fulfill their agreed-upon bills. In a few cases, insurance copayments can confuse your debtors. In several instances, they are simply waiting for a payment plan to settle their debt.

Seeing the many intricacies attached to the medical collections process, the HMS Collections team uses our specialized experience and analysis to manage all related pressure points. This makes sure that we cannot only establish a high rate of contact with your debtors but also maintain a significant ratio of recovery through related accounts. At the same time, we adhere to ethical conduct that ensures your business' reputation and integrity are not put in a harmful way.

To further strengthen our stature as a medical collections agency in Chesterfield, MO, practices trust with their accounts receivable. We completely deliver on our promise of No Collection, No Fee. This further enables you to depend upon our solutions without worrying about any adverse effects on your bottom line. 

We also stay in line with fair debt collection practices and keep up with any reasonable debt collection practices to stay on trend with best practices in the industry.

Leverage a Slew of Collection Agency Services Under a Single Banner

HMS Collections offers various recovery solutions to make the collections process easier for you and swifter for your business accounts. This streamlines the otherwise tough measures that you often have to take against your overdue AR from initial assessment to final recovery. 

Detailed Assessment

For many practices, the issue of their collection stems from their internal procedures. For other businesses, the problem solely arises through individual debtors. Our collection agency solution performs detailed analysis on all of your AR to identify patterns of non-payment and takes direct actions to resolve them for short-term and long-term management alike.

Skip tracing

If any debtors have become untraceable, our collection agency solutions follow various practices to locate them. This enables us to establish actual communication, which leads us to offer fruitful recovery procedures for your AR. This troubleshoots one of the most difficult problems of medical collections in an ideal manner.

Effective Conversions

As a medical collections agency Chesterfield, MO businesses trust with their AR, we use various techniques such as debt discussion, debt negotiation, and payment plans to cover your accounts to actual revenue. This holistic collection agency approach leads to a high recovery rate and makes the necessary funds available for your operations. 

Debt Negotiation Solutions

In instances where debtors cannot make their payments or get confused by insurance contributions, our collection agency solutions offer strong debt negotiation. In addition to providing you with significant conversions from your AR, it also delivers smart solutions such as ongoing payment plans. 

Consideration of Legal Steps

There are many situations where former patients may refuse to make the payment or claim to have been harmed by your medical practice. Our collection agency will consider proceeding with legal choice steps that could lead you to recover your AR from difficult debtors in such scenarios.

Credit Report Updates

Our collection practice also reports all updates to major credit reporting firms without any additional charges to maintain transparency. This ensures that the status of your collections stays up to date in the database and leads to efficient handling of related accounts in the future.

Adherence to Fair Debt Collection Practices

The best collection agencies in St. Louis, MO, and elsewhere will make sure to stand by the best practices. These debt collection practices will mean that our collection services will not use abusive tactics to conduct debt collection activities. We seek to stay as one of the best collection agencies in the industry in St. Louis and the United States in general.

We uphold our standards among collection agencies and are pleased to note that we are in good standing with the better business bureau.

To clarify, whether we are dealing with past due accounts or striving for superior results with information obtained, our use of the latest technology, website transparency, or other matters, we are always seeking to bring our best to the debt service world.

Hire Our Competent Collections Specialists Today!

Through HMS Collection's solutions, you can obtain a highly efficient medical collections agency Chesterfield, MO, practices trust with its solutions. Since our medical debt collection agency services cater to various medical businesses, you can easily hire our collections specialists to resolve your accounts receivable management problem. 

Our collection agency services in Chesterfield, MO, fulfill the requirements of medical practices, including but not limited to:

  • Physician Groups
  • Private Practices
  • Private X-ray/Radiology
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Dental Practices

To see how our collection agency solutions can help, don't hesitate to contact us today at 636-538-5119 for your credit-oriented needs. We will be pleased to discuss your concerns and resolve them through our sound collections system. We are to answer any questions you might have and provide more information. We understand that it is our responsibility to address debts and offer services that genuinely matter to our clients in the medical industry.

We would be pleased to work with you on your credit matters and use our debt collector knowledge to progress on your specific situation.

To clarify, whether we are dealing with past due accounts or striving for superior results with information obtained, our use of the latest technology, website transparency, or other matters, we are always seeking to bring our best to the debt service world.