Medical Debt Collection for Stand-Alone Facilities

Medical Debt Collection for Stand-Alone Facilities

Running a standalone medical facility in St. Louis, MO, is no mean feat. In addition to providing your patients with optimal care, you also need to comply with regulatory policies all on your own. This not only requires qualified staff but also calls for an investment in modern equipment and solutions. But this may not be so simple. It requires quite a bit of coordination and effort to genuinely implement all of these processes. There is much to deal with when it comes to your pressing tasks. These tasks may range from dealing with various medical expenses, keeping medical costs low, and working out medical debts in an optimal fashion.

Without being part of a hospital, all of these processes remain difficult from the get-go. But they get even more complex when you run short of generating your revenue due to unfulfilled accounts receivable (AR). The more you wait to collect your dues, the more your financial troubles grow in an unprecedented manner.

At HMS Collections, our medical debt collection services offer the ideal solution for standalone facilities. Whether running a medical building, a freestanding ER, or a testing laboratory, our services can help you recover your unpaid invoices on time.

Our solutions in Saint Louis, MO, also charge a flat fee for each account receivable if and when it’s recovered, ensuring that you do not have to worry about incurring more financial losses. In turn, you can rely upon our solutions for debt collection that doesn’t break the bank. If you are a healthcare provider at a standalone facility, here is how we can help you.

Medical Debt Collection for Freestanding ER in St. Louis, MO

Running a freestanding emergency department (FSED) requires you to provide the same level of care and services as a hospital ER. But due to operating separately from a hospital, it does not have the same support solutions to recover your unpaid invoices. As a result, it can become difficult for you to meet your bottom line. If the pattern of no recovery continues, it can make it complex for you even to run your operations. 

But recovery is easier said than done. Some patients may have troubles with their insurance providers, while others might be reluctant to pay a huge sum all at once. Many might have legitimate financial problems, but some may be avoiding their payment for no reason. You can rely upon a seasoned, skilled, and efficient debt collection team to recover your unfulfilled medical accounts receivable through HMS Collections' solutions.

Whether you are trying to follow up on recent bills that have come to collections or planning to recover an older debt sitting for a while, our specialized services can help you fulfill your goals.

Through our meticulously designed solutions, you can recover your bills through a result-oriented yet careful approach. While we ensure to put your point across to patients coherently, we make sure that their dignity and reputation are never compromised in the process. With the support of our specially-trained staff, recovery strategies, and skip tracing services, you can expect a high recovery rate for your accounts receivables.

Medical Debt Collection for Standalone Facilities in St. Louis, MO

HMS Collections also offers highly targeted solutions for other specialized care facilities that operate without a hospital. Regardless of the type of medical services you offer, you can benefit from our specialized solutions for timely accounts receivable recovery. With a straightforward pricing model and no compromise in the quality of solutions, you can make sure to receive the same level of service that your more resourceful competitors utilize.

With the specialized approach of our medical debt solutions staff, you can reach out to your patients through a careful yet effective process. With the ability to be assertive yet understanding to any patients who have not made their payments, our medical debt team can increase the chances of your accounts receivable recovery with live conversation instead of pesky robocalls.

Our team can design payment plans for clients going through financial trouble, which enables you to reduce your losses as much as possible. In addition to this, we also advise you to consider litigation against difficult clients who refuse to pay at all. Through our services, you can also steer clear of redundant data entry. We report any delinquencies to the three credit reporting agencies without charging you an extra cost.

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Regardless of the size of your unpaid invoices, we use our solutions to approach them strategically to maximize your rate of return. From assessing debtor data for payment issues to performing skip tracing for their new locations, our team takes care of the entire process so you can continue focusing on your practice. Since our solutions are highly personalized and steer clear of a general approach, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your business will be represented with the care that it deserves. If you have any specific concerns with the recovery process, you can also discuss them to tweak the approach further.

To see how solutions can help, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free medical debt consultation today. We understand the value of health care providers, credit reporting, medical debt, and the advancement of healthy debt collection.

We aim to help healthcare providers stay in line with agencies like the consumer financial protection bureau. Also, we respect parties that range from the national consumer law center to other agencies that support the consumer.

At the same time, when it comes to unpaid medical debt, we understand that the medical provider must use medical collections to obtain the right level of value. Whether it involves a payment plan or another type of financial structure, our team will help the health care provider move forward more robustly. We will be pleased to understand your concerns and offer a plan to start effectively recovering your accounts receivable.