Debt Collection Process 

Debt Collection Process

HMS Collections is your debt collection partner in St. Louis. We are dedicated to representing our clients and will use ethical practices when collecting debts. We at HMS have been helping businesses for over 25 years and our strong BBB ratings show just how committed we are.

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What is the Debt Collection Process?

As one of the best debt collection agencies in St. Louis, HMS Collections professionally handles the debt collection process of soliciting payment from debtors using various means. Especially in today’s society, many account holders do not pay their debts on time or at all. When this happens, our team of debt collectors can come in to collect these past-due accounts for you and ensure that everything is done legally and ethically.

HMS Collections works with a wide variety of businesses, from healthcare and legal to B2B, and we understand the importance of our role in our clients’ profits. Our debt collection agency’s goal is to get the most money from every past-due account. To do this, we begin by gathering information to help us better assess your situation and determine the details of your contract and our negotiable rate.


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Some of the questions we ask new clients include:

  • How old are your accounts?
  • What is the total value of the debt you are looking to recover?
  • Has this debt been placed with a different collection agency?
  • Were there garnishments on the debt?
  • Did you have any past issues when using other agencies?


The Steps of Debt Collection

Debt collection is a complicated process, and not just because of the laws surrounding it. To break it down for you, our team performs the following:

Debt Validation

The first step is to review documentation to identify the debtor and confirm the amount owed. If there is an outstanding balance on an account, we will send out a debt validation notice informing the debtor of the intent to collect for the amount owed. The debtor must make contact before we proceed further in the collections stages; however, we will attempt to make contact multiple times in order to move the collections process along as quickly as possible. Our collections services utilize every available boulevard to locate debtors whose contact information has changed.

Collection Notice

The next step for collecting on past due accounts is usually making contact with the debtor by phone call or letter asking them what they plan to do about paying off their debt. In our first contact attempt with the debtor, we will try and make arrangements for payment or ask for more information to take further action. If the debtor does not reply after the first contact, we will attempt to reach out a second time with demands or consequences involved if payments are not made by the particular due date.

Debt Negotiation

When we get in contact with the debtor, we offer options in debt restructuring on your behalf. With your approval, we can negotiate a fair solution to close the debt. Our average collection close cycle is within the first six months.

Legal Action

If our team cannot reach the account holder after repeated attempts, legal action can be taken against the debtor. This can include wage garnishment, bank account freezes, driver’s license suspension, or even lawsuits in court. Our recovery attorneys and legal network work together to recover bad debt. The court judgment may result in garnishments in wages or other property being sold to the creditor to satisfy the debt.


Missouri Debt Collection Laws

The experienced debt collectors at HMS Collections are knowledgeable of the laws in place. In Missouri, collection agencies can attempt to collect for up to 180 days before a debtor can claim harassment. Our family-owned collection agency represents your company with dignity and never engages in any unlawful debt collection tactics.

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As a respected local company, we help businesses recover from their past-due accounts and increase their revenue. Contact us today for a commitment-free consultation to see how we can help you!


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