Account Assistant Job Description

Account Assistant Job Description

You will work as an extension of the sales team for a particular client, acting as their sales assistant. You will generate appointments for your sales associates by engaging in conversations with potential prospects provided to you. You will be required to make dial after dial. While on the call the employee will be gathering information from the business in regards to their current needs and programs in place. We offer extensive paid training on the client’s products and services as well as their software.

Account Assistant FAQ

Q. Is this a commission based position?
No. It is an hourly rate, but a rewards program is in place and is based on exceeding expectations.

Q. Is there a start up fee?
There is no start up fee. After 30 days of employment you are given the opportunity to work from home and you must have the equipment below prior to working from home.

Q. What equipment is needed to work from home?

  • Computer with high speed internet
  • Computer doesn’t have to be XP or later but must have Word 2003 or later
  • An updated Anti-virus program
  • Dedicated land line with unlimited long distance and voice mail
  • Webcam
  • Headset
  • Printing/scanning/faxing capabilities

Q. Do you work nights and weekends?
No, the hours of operation are Mon-Thu between 8am-5pm (depending on the time zone of client)

Q. Do you offer paid training and where is it?
Training is paid. Training is done at our office in Chesterfield near 141 and Olive.

Q. Is there a potential to become full-time?
No. We are listed as a part-time employer in the state of Missouri. If statistical requirements are met you may be offered up to 30 hrs per week.

Q. Are we provided a list of businesses to call or do we dial from a phone book?
You are provided a database with potential prospects for your client.

Q. How do we get paid and how often?
You will receive your paycheck by direct deposit only. We are on a bi-weekly payroll schedule.

Q. Are we selling anything?
No. Our goal is to set qualified appointments for the client’s sales rep by promoting the products and services our clients offer.

Account Assistant Qualifications

Computer experience, collections and outbound phone experience is a strong plus.