Dave Milonski — Managing Director of our Market Solutions

Dave Milonski on the St. Louis Business Journal
September 22, 2012
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September 25, 2012
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Dave Milonski — Managing Director of our Market Solutions

We are happy to announce that Dave Milonski is now the Managing Director of HMS Market Solutions. HMS Market Solutions is our continuing effort to focuses on customer satisfaction and other types of marketing research to assist our clients in improving the customer experience and growing market share.

Milonski has been associated with Hudson Management Services since 2003 and has consulted with over 100 companies since 1981. He has successfully worked with business people at all levels from assembly line workers and clerks, to presidents and CEOs.

Milonski’s experience over the last three decades includes the fields and disciplines of market research, leadership development, management consulting, organizational development and executive coaching. He has effected financial and cultural improvements in a vast variety of industries and in organizations from owner-operator to Fortune size.

“In this competitive economic environment businesses of every size are seeing the need to improve customer relationships in order to increase sales and revenues,” said Vicky Hudson, founder and CEO of Hudson Management Services. “HMS is seeing solid growth in our Market Solutions division and we are pleased that Dave will play a leadership role as we continue to grow this key segment of our firm.”

Read Dave Milonski’s bio on our team page or view his profile on the St. Louis Business Journal, where he was recently featured in the People section.

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