September 22, 2012

Benefits of Customer Surveys as a Marketing Strategy

Business owners, CEOs, and marketing executives are under increasing pressure to retain customers and grow revenue in an increasingly competitive economic environment. Standard marketing strategies and techniques are effective and one tactic that often gets overlooked is surveys geared to your customer base. Customer surveys not only provide a variety of insights about your product or service but also your sales staff, service department, general operations and even your “on the street” reputation. These surveys are […]
September 23, 2012

Dave Milonski — Managing Director of our Market Solutions

We are happy to announce that Dave Milonski is now the Managing Director of HMS Market Solutions. HMS Market Solutions is our continuing effort to focuses on customer satisfaction and other types of marketing research to assist our clients in improving the customer experience and growing market share. Milonski has been associated with Hudson Management Services since 2003 and has consulted with over 100 companies since 1981. He has successfully worked with business people at all […]
September 25, 2012

Getting The Most Out Of A Trade Show

Trade shows still remain one of the best business marketing vehicles to get face-to-face with large numbers of potential customers. Carefully selecting the trade show that best fits your target audience and budget is an excellent way to introduce new products, meet decision makers, or simply brand your company. Many exhibitors are quick to purchase space at these events yet many are not so speedily proficient at attracting their best potential customers to visit their booth. […]
December 13, 2012

Marketing Plan for 2013

By Vicky Hudson The New Year will be here shortly and by now your marketing planning for 2013 should be well underway. A Good Marketing Plan Focuses on the Customers While you determine your budget, assess your resources, and begin to create a timeline for implementation, keep in mind the marketing plan for 2013 should focus on a process that begins with detailed information about your customers. Good customer research can form the basis of a […]