March 27, 2014

Follow up on Trade Show Leads for Maximizing ROI

It’s the end of a trade show. Your presence was well received. You met great people. You managed to generate a number of useful leads. All in all, it was a fantastic trade show. You carry the buzz, the excitement, the energy with you as you board the plane or unwind with friends and colleagues. After all, this kind or success calls for a celebration. You return home happy. The prospects look good. You carry the […]
August 17, 2021
outsource debt collection st louis mo

Outsourcing Collections is Essential for Debt Recovery

Outsourcing Collections is Essential for Debt Recovery Debt collection has been a stressful task in St. Louis, MO. One area that has suffered the most is the medical fraternity due to the nature of medical practices. Once treated, patients at times fail to honor their obligations to pay. Rather than make a payment plan or negotiate for more time to pay the bills, most customers disappear, resulting in over 40% revenue in medical practices. St. Louis, […]
August 19, 2021
medical collection agency in st louis

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Debt Collections

Getting involved in a high-impact car accident, suffering a major physical injury sustained from a fall, or contracting a serious illness can drive one into medical debt. This article will lay out everything you need to know about medical debt, from how it differs from regular debt to tips for dealing with debt collection agencies. What is a Medical Debt Collection Agency and How Is It Different from Other Types of Agencies? A medical debt collection […]