HMS CEO/Founder Named Among the Top Women Business Owners

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April 3, 2013
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HMS CEO/Founder Named Among the Top Women Business Owners

Vicky Hudson the founder and CEO of Hudson Management Services was named as one of the Top Women Business Owners in the March edition of The Small Business Monthly. Below is an excerpt from The Small Business Monthly.

Building a Business on Honesty and Integrity

Vicky Hudson named among the Top Women Business Owners by The Small Business MonthlyIn 1994, as an independent contractor, Vicky Hudson was working with clients for teleprospecting needs, and realized how great the need was for client research. With the additional work, Hudson’s need to hire became clear, “I didn’t start with the intent to be a teleprospecting company.” She says, “I thought I would be one person starting on my own. The direction I took the company came with need. I found more opportunities to grow by doing research.”

Today Hudson Management Services employs a growing team and continues to expand its service offering to meet clients’ needs. “We are primarily a teleprospecting company,” says Hudson. “A few years ago, we started doing customer surveys. This past year we started doing wider-range market research. We now do a variety of work, from syndicated market research to cost-shared market research.”

Expansion has not come without growing pains and lessons for Hudson though. “Several years ago I was offered an opportunity to partner with a lead-generation business.” She says, “The partnership was a success at first, but I soon saw that the integrity of the relationships with our clients were compromised. So I stepped away. I decided the focus should always be on the client. I learned that I couldn’t just take a partnership or business opportunity that crossed my path if I always wanted to remain ethical. I wanted to base my work on honesty and integrity.”

Hudson believes that not compromising on her values is a key to her continued success. “I work as a partner for the success of my clients,” she says. It’s not about what we think their needs are. We listen to what they say their needs are.”

About Hudson Management Services:

Hudson Management Services, established in 1993, offers custom-built business marketing services and improvement programs through sales enhancement, marketing research and management consulting. HMS is also a leader in B2B lead generation, sales appointment setting and more.

As HMS has grown and the business world has evolved, the company has incorporated cutting edge technology that has expanded their existing suite of services and design successful lead generation programs that meet the increasing needs of individual clients. The company takes pride in offering a full suite of products and services towards achieving clients’ marketing goals.

Hudson Management Services today is rated A+ by BBB for providing a high level of commitment to business ethics and customer satisfaction.  The organization works with the St. Louis County MO Career Centers offering work from home employment opportunities to a number of professionals in the St. Louis region. Even as the business grows, Hudson Management Services continues to stay focused on its core values of honesty, integrity and partnering for the success of their clients.

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